Digital Business Model Support


I offer workshops with the following focus areas:

  • Idea and feasability evalution
  • Business model canvas and lean canvas
  • Business model optimization and pivots
  • Digital transformation
  • Lean startup and lean analytics (including KPI dashboards)
  • KPI-based finance planning
  • Pitch and pitch deck optimisation and approaching investors
  • Financing options (bootstrapping, business angels, venture capital, crowd, strategic partnerships, grants etc.)


Based on years of experience as an entrepreneur, I provide coaching with the following goals:

  • Guidance for self-help
  • Act as a sparring partner
  • Teach best practice methods, provide roadmaps and tools
  • Offer advice, based on my own experience
  • Focus on fast proof of concepts, based on KPIs
  • Identify and evaluate alternative strategies for decision-making
  • Review and provide feedback on concepts and presentations
  • Establish contacts with complementary coaches, teams, investors, service providers, partners, customers, buyers etc.

Focus Areas

Based on my background and expertise I offer coaching in the following areas:

  • Optimisation and pivoting of business models
  • Digital transformation
  • Identification of the key performance parameters (KPI) and optimisation of business mechanics
  • Business and financial planning (especially KPI-based financial planning)
  • Business development B2B / B2C
  • Product management and roadmaps, IT strategy and roadmaps
  • Market entry: customer growth, retention, monetisation and pricing
  • Online marketing
  • Analytics: tracking, statistics, user models, personalisation and split testing
  • Technology transfer between universities, research institutions and companies
  • Financing: boot strapping, business angels, crowd, venture capital, companies and funding programmes
  • Approaching investors: optimisation of pitch decks and pitch training

Coaching Funding Programmes

Under certain conditions, founders of new businesses can receive financial support for using coaching services. I am accredited as an startup coach by the following programmes:


Utalising my international network, I like to connect:

  • Business ideas
  • Founding teams and project teams
  • Potential co-founders and employees
  • Service providers (development, AI, product, design, marketing, sales, human resources, IT consulting, law, tax etc.)
  • Potential business partners (B2B)
  • Potential clients and deals
  • Potential investors: business angels, crowd, venture capital, companies, funding programmes
  • Potential buyers

Business Angel

In special cases I like to join teams or projects as:

  • Co-founder
  • Advisory board member
  • Investor